Monday, March 1, 2010

Just Another Mandrake Monday- "The Phantom Casino"

Mandrake The Magician#2
November, 1966
King Comics
Cover: Andre LeBlanc
Script: Uncredited
Pencils/Inks: Andre LeBlanc

Today, I bring you Lee Falk's other creation- Mandrake The Magician. Created in 1934, Mandrake predates The Phantom by 2 years. He is thought by some to be the first superhero to appear in comics. Mandrake's "powers" are simple: He has the ability to rapidly hypnotize anyone. Even if they're not looking. Which seems kind of unlikely. But, hey, it's sure a lot of fun to read. So, sit back and enjoy "The Phantom Casino"

To be fair, Lucky Yates WAS running his casino within the parameters of the law. Also, you would think as a stage magician, Mandrake would want to be on the good side of a guy who owns a casino...

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