Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Phantom #39- Charlton

August, 1970
Charlton Comics
Cover: Pat Boyette
Script: Uncredited
Pencils/Inks: Pat Boyette

This issue contains three separate Phantom stories, all drawn, inked and lettered by Pat Boyette. Today, we start with the first feature, "A Small War".

Boyette's artwork is quite nice, but his unconventional layouts don't seem to carry the story forward so much as they distract from it.


  1. With a couple of these layouts it looks to me as if Boyette was attempting something like that famous Neal Adams page in the X-Men with the Beast falling down the side of a building. I agree that here it hinders rather than enhances communication.

  2. KB: Yeah, Boyette seems to have been really enamored of the fractured page... but not sure what to do to lay out the panel withing the framework. I don;t want to cut on his work, bit turning the composition sideways to make it fit (check the next two posts for that one)was not the solution.

  3. I love Pat Boyette's art, but I have to say that those layouts didn't seem to work as well. Luckily, in his later work, he did put the breaks on that type of page layout, which worked.

    But crazy layout or not, I'll happily take any Boyette work.

  4. Oscar: I know, I was really excited by art on the cover and the splash page/table of contents, but I feel like Boyette was being "experimental" hot on the heels of Neal Adams and Jim Aparo. I just don't feel like he pulled it off.

  5. I like the film strip artwork where you see Hero in the dots and black etc.

    Agree im not too fond of the panels.