Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Phantom #67- Charlton, Conclusion

And now, Part Two of "Triumph of Evil" :

Once again, Nazi War Criminals are foolish enough to set foot in the land of the Ghost Who Walks. When will those Nazis learn?


  1. Will one of his Daughters take over when the current Phantom takes a bow ? There is a lot of potential there; hope they don't ruin a great opportunity.

  2. Lysdexicus: The Phantom's children are twins, a boy (Kit) and a girl (Heloise). Even though Heloise was (I believe) born first, Kit is next in line to be the Phantom. As far as I know, Julie Walker, the current Phantom's great-great aunt is the only example of a female Phantom.

  3. More fantastic stuff from Newton. That one page is such a superb action page (page 19 numbered in corner). Wow, is Newton's Phantom a nice surprise. -- Mykal

  4. These last two posts with Newton art are really awesome! I think he is my favorite Phantom artist so far.
    Sigh... I have to seek out and buy MORE old comics!

    Great post, Ghost!

  5. Mykal: Yeah P.19 has it all, a horse, Nazi's, dynamite...

    Michael: Newton is pretty spectacular. You should check out the website "The Art of Don Newton" it's listed in my "Bangalla Board of Tourism" to the right.

  6. This, while not the first Phantom comic I ever read, was the first comic ever to engage me emotionally! The storytelling and Don Newton's impeccable artwork combine to tell the touching tale of a son's loss of his father, as well as his inheritance of his family's mantle. I'd have to say this is probably my favourite Phantom comic ever!

    Thanks for posting this and giving me a lovely stroll down memory lane!