Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Good Mark!

This is the first time I, The Ghost Who Blogs, have awarded the Good Mark to anyone. Perhaps I will make it a regular thing?

First of all, I want to hand out a Good Mark to my friend, Jungle Patrol member Mykal Banta. Mykal has generously offered to supply The Ghost Who Blogs with a wonderful piece of Phantom media and I want him to know I sincerely appreciate it. So, here it is Mykal, your Good Mark:

Mykal Banta

Secondly, I want to extend sincere thanks to an unknown Phan. A Phan who posts on the Phantom Phorum under the handle "Sjefen" (which means "commander" in Norwegian). Sjefen felt that it was an injustice that I had never read any of the fantastic comics currently coming out of Scandinavia. He asked me to e-mail him my mailing address and presto! a week and a half later I recieved an envelope with 5 recent issues of Fantomet in it. He asked nothing in return. Perhaps just as amazing, this mysterious "commander" sent the comics to me in an Egmont mailing envelope! How cool is that!

So Sjefen, whoever you are, you get a Good Mark from The Ghost Who Blogs! Thanks for the comics!


Don't worry, I have my eye on some more of you who may be in the running to receive the Good Mark. But that is for another day.


  1. Thanks, Buddy! I really appreciate it!

  2. What comics you end up getting from Sjefen??

  3. Mykal: any time!

    Jermayn: I got Fantomet 4,5 and 6 , Fantomets Kronike (Chronicles) 1 and 2 and something that describes itself a a "Large double number through Sunday Classic" The title is "Dragon Throne". Norwegian is a bit easier than I feared. I was actually able to fumble my way through "Focus Barbados" without the translator... although I plan to go back and re-read it with full translation.