Saturday, March 20, 2010

Harvey Hits #26 - The Wild Girl, Part Two- conclusion

And now, Part Two of "The Wild Girl" by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy:


  1. What a satisfying Phantom comic. There is something about the Phantom - perhaps his iconic, legendary nature - that works best with simple, minimalist artwork; as though the panels had been passed down through the generations to tell Phantom's story.

    I loved this story - and loved what a chic magnet the Phantom is. I loved the judge's decision in the end - nothing like a bit of nepotism to make everything come out right in the end! "And if you can't keep him on the straight and narrow, it's off to jail you go!" In other words, make sure my son is satisfied after the lights go out, if you catch my drift! -- Mykal

  2. Mykal: McCoy's work is quite nice. Very cartoony and clean. How helpful for The Wild Girl that there just happened to be a conveniently impassable gorge to keep people away from her hideout.

    I liked the tenuous legality of the judge's ruling, too. Apparently the law is a little more flexible in Bengali.

  3. Ha! Amy just pointed out that, in the very last panel, Diana seems to be chastising the horse, rather than The Phantom!

  4. You're right about it being abridged. The complete comic has around 26 pages carrying 12 panels per page. Much of the humour seems to be missing from the Harvey edition. You can see a few of the missing panels here -- and the ending has been snipped off:
    Diana says, "I won't leave you alone -- you might meet another pretty, wild girl."
    Phantom says, "She WAS pretty, wasn't she?"
    Diana says, "WHAT?"
    Phantom says, "But not as pretty as you," as they ride off into the sunset.
    - Anthony