Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Phantom #67- Charlton

October, 1975
Charlton Comics
Cover: Don Newton
Script: Joe Gill
Pencils/Inks: Don Newton

Don Newton brought his unique, Gothic style to The Phantom at the end of the series' Charlton run. Newton contributed not only his eerie, atmospheric interior art, but also a series of painted covers that elevated the look of Charlton's comics significantly. One can only imagine how much nicer the covers would have been, had Charlton used better quality control in their printing process.

I used my photo editing software to "tweak" the contrast and color on the cover painting for a less muddy look, to give a better idea of what the original painting actually looked like.

Please sit back and enjoy "Triumph of Evil"

Script writer Joe Gill seems to have a better feel for The Phantom in this issue than he exibited in issue #64. However, he seems to have missed the fact that -of all the tribes of Bangalla- The Bandar are the only tribe who know the true nature of The Ghost Who Walks.

Tomorrow: Part two.


  1. Don Newton inking his own pencils is awesome~! He does a great job of capturing the FEEL of early Phantom artists, yet with modern comic page layouts. Your scans are so good, I can smell and feel the crappy paper quality of this classic under-rated Charlton~!

  2. Aaron: What a great comic. Charlton Phantom's are a real gap for me. Keep 'em coming! I agree with Lysdexicuss: Newton does a fantastic job here. I really like his stuff a great deal. No matter how many times I read the telling of the Phantom legend, I always get chills. Just great stuff. This blog gets better and better. -- Mykal

  3. Lysdexicus: Newton does have a Ray Moore quality. As to Charlton, some of these pages are so off-register, it looks like a 3-D comic.

    Mykal: There is more Don Newton on the way. Thanks for the kind words.