Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Phantom #70- Charlton

April, 1976
Charlton Comics
Cover: Don Newton
Script: Bill Pearson
Pencils/Inks: Don Newton

It's funny, just Monday night I was watching The Maltese Falcon on TCM and I already had this comic scheduled to post this week. Writer Bill Pearson seems to like old Bogart movies as much as I do, if this story is any indication. As the splash will show you, at it's heart the story is sort of a tribute to The Maltese Falcon. But it takes a few detours through The African Queen, High Sierra and, of course, Casablanca. Be on the lookout for not only Bogie and Bacal in the cast of this adventure, but such stalwart supporting actors as Claude Raines, Peter Lorre, Sidney Greenstreet and Tom Fadden.

Ladies (like there are any women reading this) and Gentlemen, I present "The Mystery of the Mali Ibex".


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  2. Nice homage piece. Newton is quickly becoming one of my favorite Phantom artists. Surprised they didn't work a little 'Beat The Devil' into the plot. Great Post~!

  3. That was SIMPLY AWESOME. It is like seeing the movie you reference in printed form...with the Phantom smack dap in the middle of the plot. Thank you much!

  4. Lysdexicus and Earth-Two: Thanks, guys. I think this is one of the best stories of the Charlton run and it really showcases Newton's art.

  5. awesome!!!!!!!!!! i was hunting this extremely haunting, shady, awesome issue mali Ibex from my childhood for years and years. finally found it in your blog! awesome!! Thanx1 gratefully yours!

  6. Adim: Glad I could reunite you with this fantastic Phantom story.