Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ghost Who Shills For Dairy

The movie may not have been a huge success, but someone at the "Got Milk" ad campaign was betting it would be. And, since The Phantom is a notorious milk drinker, he was a natural choice.


  1. This is one of the strangest cross-promotional posters I have ever seen. Check out the subtle skull worked into the shirt (ala the Punisher).

    Whatever happened to Billy Zane ?

  2. After "Titanic" he seems to have kind of gotten typecast as a villain.

    Also,there are rumors that his parents embezzled a ton of money from the "Medical Careers Center" they founded in Chicago and split to Greece.

  3. We kept this poster on our refrigerator for years! Zane had a several episode turn on CHARMED a few years back that was quite fun.

  4. Booksteve: Maybe I should put this on my fridge to discourage me from snacking. That's no rubber muscle suit, my friend, that's pure Zane.