Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Technical Difficulties

If anyone has been waiting all day for this week's issue of The Phantom to surface, I have good news and bad news...

The good news is, I have several, awesome, vintage Phantom's on the way. The bad news is, I had hoped they would already be here and had nothing else ready to go today. I have four Charlton's, a Gold Key and two issues of Mandrake (one with a Phantom back-up feature) all in transit. In my possession, I have several issues from DC comics' 1989 run of The Phantom, but I'm reluctant to post them yet. I find them to be of an inferior quality to the 1960's/1970's run and I think the change of style and pacing would be jarring to you, my Jungle Patrol.

So, bear with me and I promise you I'll reward you all with another classic Phantom yarn next week.

Your friend,

The Ghost Who Blogs.


  1. Have to disagree about DC's treatment of the Phantom. I had those books, and loved them.

  2. Hobbyfan: understand, I own the DC Phantoms for a reason, I just don't think I'm ready to post them here. Yet.

    They are very, let us say, 1989. But hey, don;t take my opinion as anything more than just that, an opinion.


    The Ghost Who Blogs