Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Phantom #32- Charlton

June, 1969
Charlton Comics
Cover: Jim Aparo
Script: Dick Wood
Pencils/Inks: Jim Aparo

I'm usually ambivalent about the art of Jim Aparo, but then I was never very familiar with his run on The Phantom. I think it's some of his nicer work and you're definitely looking at a man at the top of his game here. With out further ado, enjoy Part One of--- "The Pharaoh Phantom"...

Tomorrow: Part Two.


  1. 'Heh... HEH... Heh...' is the strangest thought-bubble I've ever seen in 35 years of reading comics. The Phantom uses the word MOLLYCODDLING ! Very 19th Century of him ! Nice scans, Aaron~! Too bad Charlton printed on the cheapest paper possible, or they would be even better.

  2. Hey, I really like the art of Jim Aparo! I know his work mainly through childhood comics like "The Brave and the Bold" and "Aquaman". I haven't seen his portrayal of The Phantom character before, but this comic immediately reminded me of his Batman/Mister Miracle Egypt/immortality adventure from the mid-70s. And surely this very strange Phantom episode is notable for seeing the skull mark on The Phantom's own face..

  3. Lys: "MOLLYCODDLING"! I know, I laughed at that, too. Perhaps it was because the Pharaoh Phantom gave him such a lambasting during their fisticuffs? As to Charlton, this comic was actually in nice shape, and I still couldn't quite get the yellow out of the paper when I color-corrected to restore the black lines.

    Dad Who Walks: Glad you're enjoying it! When the Pharaoh Phantom put his mark on The Phantom, all I could think was "Isn't that permanent? ". I guess we'll see tomorrow. ;)

  4. Ghost: This was a very nice suprise. I have to admit the Charlton Phantoms I don't know at all. This is really very nice! Great story and very good art. I really like Aparo's take on the Phantom! I look forward to part II -- Mykal

  5. Mykal: Hang tight then and enjoy the ride, I have a small stack of Charlton's ready to go. And Pat II will be ready for you tomorrow. I'm glad everyone's being such sports about the "cliffhanger".

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