Friday, February 19, 2010

New Phan Art!

Hey there Phans! We've had our first contribution to the "Phan Art Page". These nifty new pieces come from Jungle Patrolman, Lysdexicus. If you've ever been to his blog, Ten Cent Dreams and seen his UFO Dream Notebook, then you know this cat has an artistic streak a mile wide. AND he lives in Pirate Waters!!

Lysdexicus provided a nice summation of his design ethic:

"I still prefer the original Lee Falk version, and
my doodles are an homage to that style.

I like the idea of less visible muscles, and more texture on
the shirt part of his costume, to show that it is a REAL fabric,
thus making him more human, less Super, and hence, more
vulnerable !"

Thanks for contributing!

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