Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Double Helping of Bill Lignante

Since Bill Lignante was the Artist of the day yesterday, it seemed like a great time to showcase a little of his work. First up, we have "The Phantom's Boyhood, Part III- SCHOOL" from Gold Key Phantom #7- May, 1964. (note the spectacular -as always- cover art by the polished and prolific George Wilson)

Next up, we have "SOS Phantom: The Pirate Raiders" from King's Mandrake The Magician #2 - November, 1966:

And if those weren't enough Bill Lignante for you... stop by my good friend Mykal Banta's blog, Gold Key Comics and check out Gold Key Phantom #11: "Blind Man's Bluff" !


  1. Aaron: I have always been a fan of Lignante's Phantom. His work has an iconic quality that really enhances the legend. Good post! -- Mykal

  2. Hello,
    I am Sandeep from Kolkata, India. I am a big big fan of Phantom comics from my childhood. So it's a gentle request if you can forward me the download links for the old Phrew/ Charlton/ Egmont etc comic books, at ''.
    Regards & Thanks in advance.