Monday, February 8, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Leopards! Oh My!

Over the years The Ghost Who Walks has battled pirates, smugglers, slavers, gun-runners, poachers, cannibals and baddies of every shape and size. Apart from his countless, two-legged foes, The Phantom's greatest adversaries seem to be great cats, as this collection of classic covers from all over will attest. I guess it's no surprise that Mr. Walker seems to be a dog person.


  1. The Gold Key "mystery girl" cover is beautiful. Who painted that?

    The "Fantomet" one is unmistakably Wilson McCoy. I love the simplicity... although the costume colours are unfamiliar.

    The Phantom does come to grips with big cats on an awful lot of the FREW covers. To be fair, I'd hazard a guess that the cover of No. 624 depicts him greeting the tame animals of his wildlife preserve, Eden.


  2. Anthony: The Gold Key cover was painted by George Wilson, who seems to have done tons of Gold Key's cover paintings. George Wilson was from right here in Columbus, OH (originally) and attended my alma mater, the Columbus College of Art and Design. You can see tons of his work at Mykal's Gold Key blog:

    I suspect you're right about the cover of #624.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Aaron: Thanks, dude! Yeah, those Gold Key covers by Wilson are always knockouts. After the GK, I'm loving the Fantemen cover (second row from bottom, the one on the right) where the tiger's big back is to us. Great! -- Mykal

  4. Mykal: Hey, I feel like your blog is a public service and I'm just directing traffic. I tried to look up Wilson this morning, despite the guy's really prolific career, there wasn't much about him on the web. And his bio skips over his comic book work (His paintings grace something like 425 comics), like he was ashamed of it or something?!

    Yeah, I dig that Fantomen cover, too. Makes you wonder where the artist found their reference. Much more convincing than some of the other pieces.

  5. If your ever after some more images to show case, a few phans have their collections online: