Monday, February 22, 2010

Phantom Artist Profile- Sy Barry

Sy Barry: 1928-

Mr. Barry attended the School of Industrial Art in New York City in 1943. After he completed his schooling, he went to work assisting his brother Dan Barry on the adventure strip Flash Gordon. Sy inked Flash Gordon and occasionally ghosted for Dan. He also did freelance ink work for DC, Marvel and Gleason.

After working on both Flash Gordon and Tarzan, Barry was hired to do The Phantom in 1962. His run on the series lasted until 1994, making his the longest run (as artist) on The Phantom ever (so far).


  1. Lignante is my favorite Phantom artist, but tht is not to say he was the best artist that ever did the Phantom. His style was just so well suited to the iconic quality of the Pantom.

    I think Sy Barry may have been the best artist that ever worked on the series. His stuff is just so beautiful and lush. -- Mykal

  2. Mykal: The more Lignante I see, the better I like him. But, yeah, with 30+ years under his belt, Barry has kind of defined the look of The Phantom for the second half of the 20th century. And what a draftsman! His figure drawing is impeccable! And his balance of black to white is always right on.

  3. Mr. Barry has given us the best rendering of this iconic hero . His inks are a subtle and graceful homage to Mr. Falks legendary creation !