Thursday, October 21, 2010

Random Phantom Panel #8

Thanks, Toots. You're not so bad yourself!


  1. Man, I would have loved to have heard that from a woman, just once.

  2. Whence comes that panel? It seems quite early to me. Is more from that story available?

    Nice blog, GWB. I've been reading The Phantom since WWII days in the old Los Angeles Examiner and the Herald Express.

  3. Golden Age Johnny: Welcome! Glad to have you stop by. Good eye! However, despite the lovely, illustrative quality of the pen and ink work that hearkens back to Raymond, Hogarth and, more directly, the early Phantom work of Raymond Moore, this piece is from a 1970's Charlton Phantom comic drawn by the late Don Newton. You can see the whole issue here:

    Newton's Phantom had an eerie look to it which I think is suitable for a guy who pretends to be an immortal Ghost living in a cave that looks like a skull.

    Stop by any time!