Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Phantom #43- Charlton, Part One

April 1971
Charlton Comics
Cover: Pat Boyette
Script: ?
Pencils/Inks: Pat Boyette

In the early 1970's, Charlton seemed to have a penchant for packaging 2-3 short Phantom stories per issue. Some covers, like the one above, use this as a selling point-promising "3 Complete Action Jungle Adventures" That comes out to a nickel per story, for you thrifty Phans at home!

Here, from 1971, we present "Test of an Idol"

Funny how Dianna never even crossed The Phantom's mind... Maybe he should work on being The Ghost Who Walks The Line!


  1. Hate to sound like a beggar, Aaron, but a page is missing from this story. Is it possible that you could post it? Thanks!

  2. Anonymous: Whoops! How did I miss pg 3 ?? I'll get it posted when I get home!

  3. Many thanks, my friend. You made a fun story even funner! :-)