Monday, October 4, 2010

The Ghost Who Feels Naked...

Yesterday, my beloved Skull Ring was destroyed. I had just gotten it stretched to the point where it would fit (almost) comfortably on the middle finger of my right hand. I had been wearing it nearly every day for the last 3 or 4 months. It had become a regular part of my daily attire.

And then, yesterday it happened. It must have fallen off of the shelf by my printer and been rolled over by the wheels of my desk chair. One side was bent all the way up under the face of the ring. I tried in vain to stretch it back with a pair of needle-nose pliers, but alas it snapped!

I feel like my right hand is uncharacteristically light and bare.

Oh, well, it's not like they're rare or anything.

Still, it was my first one, and I miss it.


  1. My condolences, brother...

    [And if I may ask... where do you get those???]

  2. It was only a purchase, not inherited, right? Now take good care of your good mark ring. :-)

  3. Albie: Thanks. Mine, just like the one pictured, was a give-away from the 1996 movie. I got it in a trade with Jungle Patrol member Jermayn Parker. They're pretty common on eBay- there are often auctions for lots of 10 or 25 of them.

    TPH: Very true. Sadly, I haven't acquired a Good Mark ring yet. Maybe I'll spring for the pair!

  4. I got a ton of those 711 rings back in '96 (twas a really good year), but I only have one left, which I use as a key-chain.