Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Random Phantom Panel #4

Take THAT, Batcave!


  1. Sadly, no. There is a Treasure Room, though. It contains an assortment of trinkets that would make Batman AND Superman blush:
    1. The diamond drinking cup of Alexander the Great
    2. King Arthur's sword, Excalibur
    3. The mummified asp that Cleopatra used to commit suicide
    4. The golden laurel wreath (coronet) Mark Antony gave to Julius Caesar
    5. Roland's horn
    6. Charlemagne's crown
    7. The love potion of Tristan and Isolde
    8. Cleopatra's wedding ring
    9. The golden flower
    10. Roland's sword, Durandal
    11. The tiny ark (from Noah's ark)
    12. The original script of Shakespeare's Hamlet
    13. The great ring of Nebuchadnezzar
    14. The necklace of Nefertiti
    15. The lyre of blind poet Homer
    16. The wig worn by the 3rd Phantom when he played Juliet in the original presentation of Romeo and Juliet
    17. The pen used by Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet
    18. The crown of the great black emperor Joomkar

    Also, there is a library and The Chronicle Chamber which contains the written journals of the first 20 Phantoms.

    And while Bats has that super-cool T-Rex model, The Phantom has-on his vacation retreat/animal sanctuary "The Ilse of Eden" a living Stegosaurus. Oh! and a Bigfoot.

  2. Whew! If they had shown half of that in the movie, it would have been a bigger hit.

  3. Yeah, the movie was entertaining, but not a huge success. A lot of hard-core Phans were very disappointed by it. Personally, I like it!

    Of course, The Phantom has had a 1940's adventure serial and a big-budget Hollywood film. Aquaman, on the other hand... Well, you can always watch Waterworld and pretend.

  4. Well, you can always watch Waterworld and pretend.

    No, no you can't. Aquaman does *not* drink his own urine, ever!

  5. Drink, no. However, I'm fairly sure he breathes his and everyone else's urine on a daily basis. ;)