Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Phantom #43- Charlton, Part Two

April 1971
Charlton Comics
Cover: Pat Boyette
Script: ?
Pencils/Inks: Pat Boyette

"Paid in Full" is the second of our "Complete Action Jungle Adventures" as promised on the cover. I don't care HOW English you are, NO-ONE wears a bowler hat and ascot into the Bengali jungle unless they're John Steed.

This plot struck me as a little bit reminiscent of a (probably better) Uncle Scrooge plot.


  1. But, it's drawn so well that we can forgive it right?

  2. Cool! I haven't seen much of Boyette's Phantom, and I find it quite respectible! Thanks for posting!

  3. Chuck and Mykal: Boyette did a good bit of The Phantom at Charlton. Perhaps it's because he's sandwiched in between Jim Aparo and Don Newton that he doesn't get much attention? I really like the underwater fight sequence. I believe he did something else underwater in a previous post of mine...