Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Matinee- The Phantom (1943) episode 5 "The Ghost Who Walks"

I guess The Phantom escaped being gassed, because he's back for episode 5!

By the way, that Tom Tyler can sure throw a Hell of a punch!


  1. Thanks The Ghost Who Blogs, I've seen some of the serial from my friend collection. Here up to 5. How many episodes have The Phantom Serial of Columbia Picture Corporation? It is 15?
    Thanks for the Phantom: A Ghost for All Seasons. I also enjoy that post.

  2. Bengali Indrajal Comics: Yes, it's 15 chapters long, it lasts around 4 hours. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    "The Phantom: A Ghost for All Seasons" was a guest post by Swedish critic and journalist Pidde Anderson, who graciously agreed to translate it and let me post it.

    Thank you very much for stopping my blog. I hope to be back to making more regular posts very soon!

  3. Thanks Aaron! Now we know where we can watch these online. Waiting rest parts. No hurry, take your time.

    I've all these in my collection, however online is very good option for me while on tour.

  4. PBC: If you can't wait, the whole thing is available at YouTube. I've just been embedding the serial in my Saturday posts, one chapter at a time.

    This movie was originally shown at theaters in 15 to 20 minute installments, one each week. I thought it would be fun to show it the same way here.

  5. I also like it in this way. So I show my little kid a single episode every Saturday. He also enjoys it.