Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Talk With Pidde-

Hey, gang! I've been having an ongoing conversation since yesterday with screenwriter, film critic, comics writer, blogger, super-Phan and all-around-nice-guy, Pidde Andersson. We've been talking about The Phantom, the differences between American Phantom comics and their Swedish cousins from Team Fantomen, Phantom artists, Bengali, etc.

If you'd like to subject yourself to this scholarly discourse, you can find it on this blog and at Mykal Banta's Gold Key Comics blog. To follow along, I recommend you start here (we're in the "comments" section:

We are also chatting it up on my blog under the following posts:

and Pidde's awesome blog can be found at :


  1. Ha ha ha! Thanks!
    ...And yes, I always have two beers, one vodka-tonic and one glass of red wine when I work. Or blog. Or discuss. Or relax.
    However, a couple of years ago, a bartender noticed my skull ring before I got around to order - and without asking, he gave me a glass of milk!

  2. Ha! I used to have a skull ring. It was a really cheap one I bought for $0.25 when I was in college. I left in my dorm room on move-out day.

    I'm an Amaretto sour man myself. Or, as I like to think of it, a girl-drink drunk.

  3. When I did interviews on LAND OF THE DEAD, Simon Baker (who's an Aussie) put a cigarette between his lips and asked for a lighter. I handed him mine. He looked at my hand and then straight into my eyes and said "...The Ghost Who Walks...".
    I have the good ring as well. They come with Fantomen every now and then. Cheap stuff, but since I sometimes work for Egmont, I just ask them to send over new ones when my old ones fall apart.

    I wouldn't consider myself a super-phan. I was a big fan when I was a kid. But the Phantom is part of our culture, everybody knows who he is, what he stands for, were he lives. At least most adults. I don't know about kids today, they don't read comics. They think Spider-Man is a movie character only.

  4. I wish American comics still gave away premiums.
    The kids aren't reading comics much here, either. I blame the publishers for that, mostly. And also the current distributing system.

    By the way, I have read Tin-Tin. Also some French comic about a divorced guy. Oh! And I really like Blueberry.

  5. Ha! I'm a huge Jonah Hex fan! Tony DeZuniga was certainly in his prime. Tintin is a pretty fun read, and I love the contrast of Herge's cartoony figures with his realistic backgrounds. It's one of the same things I love about Carl Barks' duck comics.

    I don't know Corto Maltese.