Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Art of Phantom Paperbacks

The covers to these Lee Falk Phantom novelizations are simply wonderful examples of paperback cover illustration. I'm 99.9% sure that these were painted (for the most part) by George Wilson- although I have been unable to verify that. Wilson was a prolific illustrator who also painted hundreds of covers for Gold Key comics. Oddly enough, Wilson's art profile never mentions his comic book work.


  1. I have the full collection of these books, and have enjoyed them for many years! The covers are just fabulous!

  2. I like those old books too... though I have to say sometimes the cover is the best thing about them... especially is this true with the ones written by Goulart... LOL

    Book #1 is a classic though... I was lucky enough to find a copy years ago, when I was about 14 [1978]. It remains my favorite of the novels.

    I actually wish someone would reprint it in a nice trade edition with lots of B&W illustrations [sort of like the new Robert E. Howard collections]... I think it would be perfect for that format.

  3. Albie: I'm still waiting to get my mits on these! I just liked the covers so much I felt they were blog-worthy.

    Those R.E. Howard collections are nice! Much better than the stories I read as a kid, mangled by DeCamp and Carter. And I really dig the Gary Gianni Illustrations in the Solomon Kane book.

  4. I recently bought several of these and I agree: the covers are magnificent. The books, however, vary. The ones Talk himself wrote are great. The others, while still adapting the stories well, just lack something.

  5. Falk, not Talk. Darn auto correct!