Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Another Mandrake Monday- Mandrake #2- Specter from Space!

Mandrake The Magician#2
November, 1966
King Comics
Cover: Andre LeBlanc
Script: Uncredited
Pencils/Inks: Andre LeBlanc

This little number is kind of odd. Mandrake never uses any of his "magic" in this story. In fact, it feels like you could remove Mandrake and insert nearly any hero. It would have made a good story for Strange Adventures. The aliens are fairly neat looking and their spaceships seems to have been stolen from the planet Mongo.


  1. Well, I liked this story from start to finish, magic-wielding or not.

    It was hilarious to see this story posted right after I temporarily put up an old Mandrake cover in the Catacombs Cover Gallery.

  2. Very Very good old story! Nice job

  3. Chuck: Glad you liked it.

    Krishna: Thanks! And thanks for stopping by.