Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Indrajal Online is Up and Running

What happens when 18 bloggers who love India's Indrajal comics combine their talents and their collections? You get Indrajal Online ! Indrajal Online is presenting over 500 issues of Indrajal (most in English, some in Hindi) with plans to add more soon.

So stop by and see The Phantom thru the eyes of Indian Phans. And tell them The Ghost Who Blogs Sent You!


  1. Thanks Aaron! Can say today with confidence, not a single Phantom fan would be disappointed with this new the United blog for IJC. :)

    Two words about Indrajal Comics: This series was started in March 1964 & ended in 1990 with 803 comics at a sudden. Twenty years passed, still thousands are searching these.
    Some more details are available at
    402 IJC had the Phantom as main hero.
    Early covers are works of late Govind (name) Brahmaniya (Surname) who also designed the logo. Mostly IJC fans consider, those were best IJC covers.
    Two words about Indrajal Online: Among 803 English IJC available online, 750+ are scans of our team members. These are coming very soon. Rest missing IJC we are going to rescan, as well as many issues which are available in low resolution. We'll not have any IJC scans without the permission of the originally scanning person.
    We’ll try to complete Hindi versions & as well as try provide in other Indian languages.
    Keep visiting! Long Live the Phantom & IJC!

  2. Congrats and best wishes to one and all!

  3. @ aaron..thanks for this post..

    @prabhat..ur right..hoping one day all 803 eng will b available with all the pages in HR..the phantom & ijc will never die because there is still lot of work to do & the haunt for ijcs is still on..besides, some of the cover pages are just great..its something that anyone would love it..

  4. You guys have done a good job but files at many links have been removed by mediashare stating copyright issues. Please address that! Revise the links. Also many webservers block the filesharing sites due to corporate policy against those sites. Can more generic google docs or some such solution can be worked out? Just thinking aloud. You guys know better. Please address this issue!