Thursday, April 15, 2010

Defenders of the Earth #1, Conclusion

Defenders of the Earth#1
January, 1987
STAR (Marvel) Comics
Cover: Alex Saviuk/ Fred Fredericks
Script: Stan Lee (With Bob Harras)
Pencils/Inks: Alex Saviuk/ Fred Fredericks

I'm not saying ALex Saviuk swiped from George Perez (although who wouldn't?) but there is a striking similarity between that first panel on p. 19 and a certain famous cover...


  1. Yes the two images are similar but I'd have to argue that such a pose was fairly commonplace in different media even prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths

  2. Wizard magazine even did a two-page gallery of similar covers. The earliest example in a comic seems to be Space Adventures #24 (1958). Others include the covers of Batman #156, X-Men #136, Thor #127, Lois Lane #102, and the splash page of Brave & Bold #67. All predate Crisis on Infinite Earths, and may have been based on Michelangelo's Pieta (1499).

  3. They were all definatly based on the Pieta. That is widely aknowledged in the comic field as the main inspiration behind these set of poses.