Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Coming Attractions!!

Your old pal, The Ghost Who Blogs, has scored some fresh, vintage Phantom. And that means, you'll have some more classic, Phantom action to look forward to:

First up, in issue #22, we have "The Secret of Magic Mountain" (not the amusement park). This one's a two-parter, so it's nearly book-length! But wait! It also includes a Mandrake back-up "Arsonist and Old Rags"... can a Mandrake Monday be far off?

Next up, we have The Phantom's Charlton debut, #30 (whatever happened to #29, I wonder?) with "The Secret of the Golden Ransom" (add one to the "Tiger" score) and "The Living Legend" plus selected short subjects.

Finally, we have #43 which promises "3 Complete Jungle Adventures" right on the cover! "Test of an Idol", "The Rain Stopper" and "Paid in Full".

I hope you're all as excited as I am to see the Ghost Who Blogs Cannot Die!


  1. Yes, I am excited. Bring 'em on, bwana!

  2. It would have been better if these comics are downloadable.

  3. Anonymous: Hang in there. It's on the way!

    Phantomirfan: Sorry, I don't have things set up to make these downloadable and I don't see adding that feature anytime soon. You might like the blog "Indrajal Comics" though, you can download lots of good Phantom comics from there! You can find their site in the blog list to the right.