Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Phantom #22- King

May 1967
King Comics
Cover: Sy Barry
Script: Bill Harris
Pencils/Inks: Bill Lignante

Folklore plays a very important role in Phantom stories and this one is no exception. Folklore is the source of the Phantom's power. It is the belief of the various indigenous peoples of Bengali that the Phantom is an immortal, a spirit in the flesh. It is because they believe this that he is able to keep the peace between the various tribes.

From time to time, someone (usually a disgruntled or power-mad witch doctor) tries to exploit the power of folklore to discredit and Usurp the Phantom's power over the hearts and minds of the local tribes. This is one of those stories. Here's part one of "The Secret of Magic Mountain"

Friday: Part Two.


  1. Maybe it's because this issue's cover was my first exposure to the Phantom, but I wonder if it influenced or inspired the one-sheet design for the mid-1990s Phantom movie with Billy Zane?

  2. Anonymous: It IS very similar, but over the years the Phantom has sported a lot of "Punch-in-the-face" covers.

  3. True. But I am thinking primarily that the central image of THIS cover is an extreme close-up of the Phantom's right first and skull ring as they "slam evil." Other covers have shown punches in faces, but not with the fist dominating the composition. Thanks for posting this issue. It's been good re-reading it.

  4. Aaron: Nice to see you back in form. Great post, and I agree with Anonymous: this cover is one of the greatest, iconic images ever!

  5. Mykal: Agreed. For the record, I think it's quite likely. And thanks, it's nice to see you back here as well.

  6. I have the original issue. can anyone tell me if it has any value? Thanks

  7. I feel as if I am The Ghost Who Blogs, having written an entire issue about the Girl Phantom, #24, The Riddle of the Witch, which I wrote about on my current blog, I Can't Believe I'm Not Bitter.