Friday, August 20, 2010

Dynamite Phantom Reviewed... Suspicions Confirmed!


  1. Still need to see it. It`s just the first issue, but we already knew the fan base would be split up with this.

    I will give my review after the whole arc is done. From some friends, i like some bits already: it`s fast paced, meaning no entire issues wasted in one simple motion, and thanks to some vague interpretations, this may well be the 22nd Phantom after all. The reason they used to pull him off his comfort zone is cliché, surely, but it`s pretty much one shared by most notable vigilante characters in comics.

    Regardless of opinions though, it seems to be selling well, going by some posts down at Chronicles. One good point at least.

  2. I think I’ll wait until I can see the comic or, at the least, until it is seen by someone other than the snotty, axe-grinding, unprofessional reviewer linked. The review linked seems particularly nasty and biased. I love the part of the review when reviewer makes no claims as to knowledge of the inner working of this comic, then proceeds to lecture on the inner working of this comic (assigning, naturally, the most negative motivations imaginable for the artists involved without having the vaguest notion what the hell he's talking about). I think the reviewer had his mind made up before the comic was even printed.

  3. Gentlemen (and Mykal ;P) : Okay, I haven't read the blamed thing yet-I'm broke this week. So, I was (perhaps) a little hasty adding that "Suspicions Confirmed" to the title of the post. Still, as "snotty" as that review was, if one can peel away the obvious bias of the reviewer, it still seems to imply a fairly muddy and chaotic comic. In fairness to mssrs, Beatty and Ferigato it might be best to sit back and see how the story arc pans out.

  4. Aaron: "Gentlemen (and Mykal ;P)" Oh, you dog! I've got this comic on order and am dying to read it. They have a few alternative covers for this one (as most comics have now). I just think the Alex Ross covers are cool as hell.

  5. I will be getting one of Ross covers and one of Fabiano Neves, since i like his style.

    One of the criticism i have been getting from other readers is that interior art does not feel as good as the covers, but people need to remind themselves that it is not really a fair comparasion. It`s Ross we are talking about.

    I would have wished he would have at least done some pages, but it`s not bad letting the other artist grow into the character.