Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Phantom #30- Charlton

February 1969
Charlton Comics
Cover: Frank McLaughlin
Script: ?
Pencils/Inks: ????

Charlton comics tosses its hat into the ring with Phantom #30, picking up from right where King Comics left off. Except it's not. See, King's last issue was #28 which begs the question "Where's #29?" Perhaps it still lurks somewhere in the treasure rooms of the Skull Cave, waiting to be discovered.

At any rate, they're off to a great start with a story that features pirates, Girl Phantom and the ubiquitous tiger attack.



  1. Don didn't have anything to do with this story; in his own words from an e-mail to me: "I never drew a Phantom story for Charlton, only the filler stories that accompanied them." It's a pretty nice yarn though, and unusual art for the US Phantom comic book.

  2. Andreas: I was reluctant to credit it to Perlin, but went with the GCD listing. I thought it was perhaps a Lignante, inked by someone else, but I can't back that up.

  3. Ah, simpler times ... Don't you just love how, on page 3, Pirana Pete couldn't tell that Julie was a female until he saw her long hair?! Thanks for posting.

  4. Anonymous: LoL- I don't think Julie could be very easily mistaken for The Phantom or any other MAN in that outfit! Perhaps Piranha Pete has been at sea a bit too long?