Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Phantom #25- King

September 1967
King Comics
Cover: Sy Barry
Script: Giovanni Fiorentini (uncredited)
Pencils/Inks: Senio Pratesi (uncredited)

End of Part One.


  1. A great thing about the Phantom was he was a serious world traveller. You never knew where his next adventure would take place.


    Steven G. Willis

  2. Ghost: Wow! A Phantom artist I have never seen before (but clearly should have). The King Comics' Phantom is a real blind spot for me. What maginificent art! I must see what else Pratesi has done. I wonder if he worked for Alberto Giolitti Studios? Great story into the bargain! That Phantom in the panel on the last page, holding his twin .45s, is just about perfect. Great post!!

  3. Wow again! Just did a GCD search on Mr. Pratesi - this story looks to be it. Damn shame!

  4. nyrdyv: Too true. The Ghost Who Walks does quite a bit of globe-trotting.

    Mykal: Bear in mind that the GCD is a work in progress and their info on non-U.S. comics is sketchy at best. The art and story for this comic was imported from Italy's Fratelli Spada Publishing, who published The Phantom under his Italian alias "L'Uomo Mascherato" or The Masked Man. Chances are good, Mr. Pratesi has done other things in Italy that no-one has added to the GCD YET.

    I've already put a bug in the ear of several Indian acquaintances of mine to help GCD fill in the blanks on their listings for Indrajal Comics.

    Perhaps one of my readers knows someone in Italy who would know whatever became of Senio Pratesi?

  5. Ask Felmang about Pratesi. He should know. They were all in the same group.

    1. Pratesi is a Tuscan artist, born in Siena. On the web you'll find his site, reproductions of his paintings and more. In Italian, however. Start here:
      and here:
      A person who knows him personally is Mr Michele Baldassarri from Piombino, Tuscany:

    2. Thanks to Michele Baldassarri for providing dates and places of Senio Pratesi, who is now deceased. He was born in Siena, Tuscany, 1926; died in Piombino, same region, in 2001.

  6. Sal: At your suggestion, I shot Felmang an e-mail on Tuesday. No reply yet, but he seems to take a while. Busy guy.

  7. Hallo,here the Phantom-expert at last.
    Years ago I compiled a list with all the issues of L'Uomo Mascherato published in Italy since the year 1959, plus a second list with all the unknow artists who cooperated at The Phantom published in the States ( Gold Key-King-Charlton). The first list contained all the cover artists and all the artists who drew the episodes of l'Uomo Mascherato, unfortunately not was possible to identify all the scriptwriters, but the main scriptwriter was G.Fiorentini. At the time I sent these lists to various people interested to the Phantom (Scandinavia, USA, Australia ) and it is because these lists that to-day you know the names of Giovanni Fiorentini and Senio Pratesi.
    SENIO PRATESI was a very prolific artist, in the years 1962 to 1972 he drew 85 episodes of the Phantom, and many times he wrote also the text. He started in the comic field with an episode of l'Uomo Mascherato titled "Sfida ai Wakumba" (AA N.14 of July 7 -1962), and ended his career of comic artist on january 1971 with the episode "Il Giardino di Circe" (Circe's Garden) published on Avv.Am. Nuova Serie N°197. Never he worked for other publishers or drew other comic-serials.

  8. In 1976, when I was 6 years old, I started to read this comic strip which used to appear in the "Times of India" newspaper. Thereafter dad used to buy those comics for me and then began my journey in the world of comic books and different superheros. But of them all, Phantom is my most favourite character as he do not possess any unreal superpowers but just his determination to end the pirates and the crime. Till date I get mesmerised when I see those comics and feel pity when I think of thousands of those comics I gave away to clear the space in the house. Today I live in Australia and check on the new phantom comics here but they are all black and white and the illustrations do not have the same zeal as before. But when I read those comics I still experience the entering into the deep woods where Phantom rides. The memories comes back and I feel like a child again. Posted by tushar_mane@yahoo.com

  9. Hi

    I am a die hard Phantom fan & collector from India. I've got a lot of Indian Phantom Comics (Indrajal comics)& I am looking for a phantom comics collector to exchange comics. Pls. help!