Thursday, January 28, 2010

Phantom #60- Charlton

June 1974
Charlton Comics
Cover: Jim Aparo
Script: Giovanni Fiorentini (uncredited)
Pencils/Inks: Mario Pedrazzi (uncredited)

This series of The Phantom had already been published by two other comics companies by the time Charlton Comics got ahold of it. Starting with Gold Key Comics, The Phantom ran 17 issues. It was then picked up by King (published by King Features Syndicate, the owners of The Phantom property) from issue 18 through issue 28. There was no #29 published in the U.S., but Charlton started publication with issue #30.

This issue advertises a "New" Phantom. Charlton had decided to return the comic to it's newspaper strip roots and kicked this "new look" off with a reprint of a story previously published in Italy in Avventure Americaine- L'uomo Mascherato (American Adventures of the Masked Man) The story was titled "Assalto al Tressoro dell'Ombra"-"Assault on The Shadow Treasure".

Just as the Phantom continues the work of his ancestors, so, too does Strangol, this issue's villain. Only difference is, Strangol's Grandfather was a PIRATE!

The story features not only two things the Phantom hates: Pirates and Arms Dealers, it also features a tank straight out of a Republic Serial. I hope you all enjoy this week's offering:


  1. Loved the image of the giant tank thing with the big teeth chasing the P all over the jungle -- looked cool! The art was well done, kept my eyes stuck to the page.

  2. Aaron: Oh, hell yes!! The Phantom in all is glory. Man, you have to love it. The throne of skulls is one of my favorite features of the mythos. Loved how the bad girl kept shouting "Kill him! Kill him now!" Great stuff. Great Post. Great blog. -- Mykal

  3. Apocolyte: I know, where did Steinkopf get ahold of THAT thing? The art actually looked better after I scanned it than the original Charlton printing magic would have you believe.

    Mykal: The Throne of Skulls is pretty cool. The Phantom sure knows how to stick with a theme. That chick talks pretty tough for a girl named "Linda"!

  4. Great idea for a Blog ! There are certainly enough Phantom stories to keep it going ad infinitum. How many Phantoms are in the lineage..? Weren't there a bunch going back through history ?

  5. Lysdexicus: The current Phantom is the 21st Phantom. There has been an unbroken line of Phantoms since the late 16th century. Most of the stories center around the current Phantom or his father or grandfather, but there are some pretty cool stories about earlier Phantoms. Check out "The Phantom of 1776"- Charlton issue #74 - over at Diversions of the Groovy Kind. It's a nifty yarn and it features some amazing art by the late Don Newton.

  6. I enjoyed that villian along with the family of theifs that appeared in the Gold Key (I think)...

  7. Jermayn: I found Strangol entertaining, although I think it's a hoot that he happens to resemble his grandfather right down to the eye patch!